There are some home loan features you shouldn’t compromise on – like the ability to offset your interest with additional funds and access your funds anytime, anywhere with mobile banking. There are also features you should be searching for in a home loan that not every lender can provide. From a complete digital application experience, to budgeting and savings tools within your mobile banking app, Sparc offers innovation you’ll come to expect.


A simplified, digital-first experience

From your first broker appointment to settlement, each step is captured digitally while still being supported by an Australian based customer service team when you need to talk to someone.

Variable Rate

Balanced innovation and security

Backed by AFG and Volt, you’ll enjoy the safety you expect from all reputable mortgage providers, with the innovation you want from a tech leader in the field.

Home Loan Offset

Essential features, plus some

All the essential features you need in a home loan, plus the added bonus of a personal finance management app to help you manage a better financial future. With Handl. by AFG you can:

Connect your accounts
Safely and securely pull all of your accounts into one view so you can review your financial position at any time.

Understand your spending habits
Categorise, track and monitor your spend so you know exactly where your money is going and where you could be saving money. Easy to read, customisable graphs will show you exactly how much you’ve spent in each category and your spending patterns over time.

Achieve your goals
Whether it’s a holiday, a new car or just a rainy-day stash, set up personalised savings goals, including nicknames and images, to keep you focused on the end game.

Open a Volt Save account
Kick start those savings with an in-app application.

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Target Market Determination (TMD)

A TMD is a document which describes:

  • the persons for which the product has been designed, their likely objectives and needs;
  • the conditions around the product’s distribution, ensuring our products are sold to customers in line with the TMD;
  • when this TMD will be reviewed and what may trigger a review outside of timeframes; and
  • recording keeping and reporting obligations of distributors.
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