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From July 1 landlords in WA have been required to step up home security measures for tenants. If you own a rental property, are you doing enough to deter thieves? It’s worth checking with your relevant state authority for specific rules in your market. Here’s a brief round-up of what’s required where.

Western Australia: The first state to spell out in detail minimum security requirements for rentals, mostly around deadlocks, key lockable security screen doors and outside lighting. For more information on all of the changes visit

New South Wales: Rules are less prescriptive than most other states, but landlords must still provide locks or security devices to ensure premises are reasonably secure. Visit

Queensland: Locks and security devices must be in good working order and all keys made available to tenants. Visit

South Australia: Rules are not very specific other than to say landlords must provide and maintain locks to ensure the property is reasonably secure. Visit

Victoria: Owners must take all reasonable steps to ensure a property is safe and secure, while a tenant must get the landlord’s consent to change a lock. Visit

Tasmania: Owners must provide and maintain adequate locks and security devices to secure the property. Visit

Northern Territory: Locks and other security devices must be maintained to ensure the premises are secure. Tenants must get landlord permission to switch a lock and hand over copies of all keys. Visit

Australian Capital Territory: Tenants who feel their rental property’s security is at risk can apply to the Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a reduction in rent.

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