Do you have high-equity and savings customers that are looking to make their next move?

AFG Home Loans Retro can be the perfect loan option for your customers who are looking to either:

  • Purchase an investment property
  • Upgrade to a higher value property, or
  • Renovate their existing home

Reasons why Retro works

A Retro full doc loan is a great loan for these types of customers. Here’s why.

Equity release

Retro has a flexible cash out policy, and uses a common sense approach to the request for equity to be released. This is excellent for those planning to make non structural renovations to their property.

Investment lending

Retro has made a number of positive policy updates in recent times, including common debt reducer (CDR) policy and negative gearing calculation changes, which provides more lending flexibility for investors.

Speed to assessment

Retro is currently at a 1-day SLA, which is one of the faster turnaround times in the market, giving you comfort that your application will be assessed quickly.

Credit policies

Retro’s credit policies such as Common debt reducer, One years financials, Negative gearing calculations, and Equity release (cash out up to $200k) – make Retro ideal for investors, renovators and upgrader customer types.


Retro has flexible debt-to-income (DTI) parameters.

Fees and costs

Retro has low upfront fees with no ongoing costs.

Common-sense approach to credit

Retro empowers its credit team to make common-sense decisions on applications. We will happily workshop a deal with you to help find a suitable solution for your customer.

Tips and Guides for your customers

AFG Home Loans has some handy blog articles that your customers should take a look at if they’re considering making their next move:

A campaign for your customers

We’ve created email copy for you to apply to your own customer emails for those who are looking to make their next move.

Get in touch with your BRM

If you have any questions or would just like to discuss in detail how Retro can work for your customers looking to invest, upgrade or renovate, then speak to your BRM today.


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