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Alpha isn’t just about making home ownership happen. It’s also about helping your new commitment fit in as comfortably as possible with other aspects of your life. Whether you’re a first home buyer or looking to refinance, building a new home or renovating an old one, or are an investor or self-employed, our Alpha loans are designed to shift with your changing needs and circumstances. And they’re provided by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.


Alpha package

This combination of a Visa credit card and offset facility can help you reduce your debt faster. You put your salary into your offset account and pay for expenses on the credit card. Using funds in your offset facility to pay the full balance owing on the card on or before the due payment date, you are effectively using the card’s interest free period to keep funds in the offset account for longer, maximising your interest rate reductions. This method does require sufficient funds to be held in the offset facility.
Home Loan Offset

100% offset home loan

This offset facility is a fully transactional account that helps you save on interest. Every cent you have in this account helps reduce the interest on your home loan. It’s the ideal account to have your salary paid into to make sure all your money is working to pay off your loan sooner.

Limitations on withdrawals may apply in certain circumstances.

An offset facility is available with any Alpha Home Loan (including fixed rate loans). The offset facility is a sub-account linked to your nominated loan account. The offset facility forms part of your loan account. The offset facility balance may not exceed the loan account balance.

AFG Home Loans Alpha can debit the offset facility with any amounts lent to you or due under your mortgage. Please note that having an offset facility does not automatically give you a right to redraw from that offset facility. If you have a redraw facility on your home loan and have made payments into your offset facility above your minimum repayment, you may withdraw those extra payments if:

  • You have no arrears or defaulted under your loan agreement;
  • The redraw facility has not been suspended or cancelled; and
  • No other redraw restrictions apply to your loan contract.

Please talk to your broker about whether this feature is appropriate for you.
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Bridging loan

It’s never been easier to buy or build a new home before selling your existing property. Alpha’s bridging solution is fully featured and user friendly.
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What the Alpha home loans can offer you?

  • Flexible options help adapt to your changing needs and circumstances.
  • Reduce your interest by depositing money into your 100% offset account.
  • The option to combine Visa credit card and offset account to further enhance your interest reductions.
  • Choose from fixed rate, variable rate or a mix of both to help reduce repayments when rates go down and protect yourself from rate rises. If you do choose to break a fixed rate period fees and charges apply.
  • Make additional repayments whenever you can without any extra cost being charged.
  • A redraw facility lets you withdraw funds from any additional payment additional payments you’ve already made into your home loan.
  • Your broker is always there to help, with a direct line of communication open at any time to answer any questions.
  • Our dedicated Australian Customer Service team is available via email or phone and trained to provide the good old-fashioned service that we pride ourselves on.
  • Access your accounts online 24/7 (subject to availability) with our online banking website.

AFG Home Loans Alpha™ products are provided by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ACN 068 049 178 (BABL) Australian Financial Services Licence 237898 and Australian Credit Licence 237879 and promoted by AFG Home Loans. The AFG Home Loans Alpha™ information on this website was prepared and issued by BABL.

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