Link Home Loan

Flexible loans for outside the box scenarios.


The Link Home Loan

Link is our “out-of-the-box” home loan designed to meet the needs of people who require a solution that matches their individual circumstances and may not fit the standard lending criteria.

Link suits those who:

  • Are self-employed
  • Receive non-standard incomes
  • Have a poor credit history or have been released from bankruptcy
  • Have been refused credit
  • Are looking to consolidate debt
  • Have recently re-entered the workforce

When you become a Link customer, you’re planting a tree and helping build a more sustainable future.



Why choose Link?

Link is the loan that has alternative options for eligible borrowers who may not fit standard lending criteria and are looking for a more tailored approach. Link’s great features such as its redraw and offset facilities, and the ability to make unlimited additional payments, makes it a great home loan choice.

Why choose AFG Home Loans?

Nimble but safe

In the scheme of things, we’re a small player. With this comes agility and the ability to stay ahead. But we’re also backed by some of the biggest players in the market – so you know you’re in safe hands.


Who is AFG Home Loans?

AFG Home Loans has been around for over a quarter of a century, and are funded by some well-known Australian companies including, Adelaide Bank and Pepper Money.


Get in touch with your local broker

We offer our loans exclusively through experienced AFG brokers via our broker network, making sure you receive a loan that meets your individual needs.

home closing checklist for buyers

*Limitations on withdrawals may apply in certain circumstances. An offset facility is only available with any variable interest Link Home Loan. The offset facility is a sub-account linked to your nominated loan account. The offset facility forms part of your loan account. The offset facility balance may not exceed the loan account balance. AFG Home Loans can debit the offset facility with any amounts lent to you or due under your mortgage. Please note that having an offset facility does not automatically give you a right to redraw from that offset facility. If you have a redraw facility on your home loan and have made payments into your offset facility above your minimum repayment, you may withdraw those extra payments if: 

  • You have no arrears or defaulted under your loan agreement; 
  • The redraw facility has not been suspended or cancelled; and 
  • No other redraw restrictions apply to your loan contract. 

Please talk to your broker about whether this feature is appropriate for you. 

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I'm considering refinancing

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The classic home loan with modern features.


Flexible loans for borrowers looking for solutions outside the box.


Tailored loans to support diverse needs.


A versatile home loan with no ongoing fees.


Simple competitive home loans with all the essentials.


Tailor your finance with a versatile range of loan options.


A finance solution for those who may not meet standard criteria.