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Tips and FAQs

Contact the Client Services team on 1800 629 948 (International callers dial +61 8 9420 7888)

If your Visa card is lost or stolen please update Services/Card Management via internet banking, or alternatively call:

  • During office hours – 1800 629 948 or 08 9420 7888
  • After hours – 1800 648 027 or 02 8299 9101.

If you have forgotten or wish to change your Visa debit card PIN please process this requirement using Services/Card Management via internet banking

Restrictions applicable to changing your PIN are:

  • PIN change require a secure SMS code prior to the request.
  • PIN change can only be performed on active cards.
  • PIN selected must not be in sequential order (i.e, 1234 or 9876).
  • PIN selected must not have two sets of matching numbers (i.e, 1122).
  • PIN selected must have 3 or more numbers the same (i.e, 9999 or 9989).

Customers now have access to unlimited fee free rediATM ,NAB and BOQ ATM transactions

  • Withdraw funds from your account
  • Check your account balance

rediATM have joined forces with NAB and BOQ ATM networks, so you now have access to over 3,500 fee free ATMs Australia wide! To find your nearest rediATM use the handy rediATM online locator.

Transaction fees are related to recouping some of the expenses that are incurred in providing transaction services to customers.

You may want to consider the following ways in which to minimise transaction fees.

Use the CREDIT option when paying for items purchased from merchants with your Visa debit card. Some merchants may impose their own fee for using your card. Double up with EFTPOS – When using a PIN based EFTPOS transaction, in addition to your purchase, withdraw cash when possible as this counts as only one transaction. Always Free Remember, you may have as many of the following transactions types per month as you like, and you will not incur transaction fees:

  • Fee free ATM transactions via RediATM’s – online locator
  • Visa CREDIT transactions (Including payWave)
  • Direct Credits
  • Payroll Credits

Monthly Transaction Allowance
You may have up to 20 of the following transactions types per month and you will not incur transaction fees:

  • External funds transfers
  • Direct Debits

If you do not use all 20 free transactions within the month they will not carry over to the following month.

There are a number of different methods of gaining access to surplus funds in your accounts and there are Standard Limits for each of these access methods:

  • ATM and EFTPOS transactions via loan redraw – $1,000 per day
  • Visa (merchant) transactions via loan redraw – $3,000 per day

If your card has payWave then all payWave transactions will form part of your daily Visa (merchant) transaction limit. However payWave transactions are limited to (please refer to payWave FAQs for further details):

    • Maximum of $100 per transaction,
    • 10 individual transactions a day,
    • Maximum transaction limit of $500 per day.
  • External transfer including Pay Anyone transactions via loan redraws – $3,000 per day
  • BPAY transactions via loan redraw – $3000 per day

Your default for external transfer and BPAY redraws limits are $3000, should you wish to either reduce or increase these limits please refer to Setting/Transaction Limits via Internet Banking or alternatively contact Client Services on 1800 629 948 (International callers dial +61 8 9420 7888) for assistance.