How do I discharge from my AFG Options home loan? 

Loan Discharge

If you’re thinking of making a change to your AFG Options home loan, talk to us first about your options — we’ll see if we can save you time and money before you decide to discharge. 

Get in touch with us today on 1800 629 948. We’re here to help. 

What’s the discharge process? 

To discharge your AFG Options home loan in full, you will first need to complete and sign a Full Discharge Authority form and return it via email or post via the details below. Simply give us a call on 1800 629 948 to request this form. 

Post: PO Box 244, Parramatta CBD, NSW 2124 


Once the Full Discharge Authority form has been completed in full and submitted to us, there are several steps we must carry out to finalise and process your request. After this, we’ll be in touch to confirm we’ve instructed our solicitor and provide you with their details and you will need to co-ordinate settlement with them. 

If you’re not discharging all properties attached to your loan, or you’re not paying out your loan in full, contact us to discuss your eligibility for a Partial Discharge.