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What should I do if I am targeted by a potential scammer falsely claiming to represent AFG?

We encourage the reporting of such scam attempts to AFG.

If someone contacts you claiming to represent AFG – and you feel any doubts about the nature of the contact – we encourage you to investigate the contact you have received by calling AFG on one of the telephone lines below:

What are some warning signs that the person calling me may be a scammer?

Some descriptive characteristics of the recent scam call activity include:

  • A “cold caller” making contact, and falsely claiming to be either a AFG mortgage broker or AFG employee;
  • Scammers falsely purporting to be promoting a special AFG offer – such as a refinance with a superior home loan rate, or membership with a superannuation fund;
  • During discussion scammers have pressured call recipients to provide personal information – sometimes the scam callers have become pushy, aggressive or derogatory.

Some other steps you can take if you are concerned that your personal information has been compromised include:

  • Reporting the matter to your local Police Station;
  • Lodging a report with Scamwatch which is operated by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission;
  • Obtaining a free copy of your credit file to check is there is no unauthorised activity (instructions on how to do this are on the websites of each of Australia’s major credit reporting bureaus);
  • Changing your password credentials for any online logins you suspect may have been compromised.


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Contact our team so we can look into it for you. We are based in Perth and are available 9:00am to 7:00pm AEST, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

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