How does payWave work?

If your card has payWave then (subject to note below) all payWave transactions will form part of your daily VISA Merchant transaction limit. However, payWave transactions are limited to (please refer to payWave FAQs for further details):

  • Maximum of $100 per transaction. Note: To assist in the reduction of COVID-19 transmissions we’re introducing a temporary increase to payWave transaction limits to reduce customer contact with POS devices. From now until 30 June 2020 the payWave contactless individual transaction limit on some cards at certain merchants will increase from $100 to $200.
  • 50 individual transactions a day,
  • Maximum transaction limit of $500 per day.

Note: Not all payWave transactions are treated as a Visa Merchant transaction, with the merchant able to switch the transaction to an EFTPOS transaction type at the point of the transaction. If a merchant does switch the transaction to EFTPOS then the transaction does not qualify under the “unlimited free VISA Merchant transaction” classification. If you wish the transaction to be treated as a Visa Merchant transaction then please insert the card to the point of sale terminal and select credit.