How to change your PIN

Internet Banking

If you have forgotten or wish to change your Visa debit card PIN please process this requirement using Services/Card Management via internet banking.

Restrictions applicable to changing your PIN are:

  • PIN change require a secure SMS code prior to the request.
  • PIN change can only be performed on active cards.
  • PIN selected must not be in sequential order (i.e, 1234 or 9876).
  • PIN selected must not have two sets of matching numbers (i.e, 1122).
  • PIN selected must have 3 or more numbers the same (i.e, 9999 or 9989).

Step 1: In online banking, select Services then Card Management
Step 2: Select Change PIN
Step 3: Using the numbers on the screen, enter your new PIN and confirm PIN. Click the blue Change PIN button
Step 4: Select Yes to change PIN

Your new PIN is now in effect.